Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our Pennsylvania Trip!

This is basicallly the email I sent out a while ago, but seeing as I'm blogging now....thought I'd put it here too!

We had a fabulous time in Pennsylvania! We arrived in a spectacular rain storm, and we didn't dry out until we got back home to Utah. We spent most of the time on the farm, and it went by way too fast, although I did manage to get 633 digital pictures! Yep, I was in shutterbug heaven! In fact, my insane picture taking caused a few stirs, I have this annoying habit of seeing something while driving, and pulling over to photograph it. At one point Becky and I ended up in a shallow ditch that we had to push the car out of (although in my defense, Becky wanted that picture too!) To the left here is the shot, well worth a trip in the ditch if you ask me!
The kids collected lots of critters, and with the help of Will's kids, managed to collect 229 Newts, then Kirby, Jaes and Jared found 55 more, bringing the grand total to 284 Newts! We had Newt York City! We also found some toads and frogs too! At one point we had a total of 24 people staying there on the farm, and we had ourselves an old fashion barn dance!
The blueberries were in season, so we got to pick lots of them, although I think the boys put more in their mouths than in their bucket.
Jared had a great time digging through the old forest garbage pile and found lots of old glass jars, some back from 1964. And we can't forget the knot swing! The kids spent hours swinging on that thing. And I obviously filled our days with taking pictures, and visiting with everyone else. I even learned a new card game thanks to Jared's cousin Charity
On our way back to the airport, we must have hit some kind of time warp, cuz we managed to loose a whole two hours! Seriously! It supposedly only takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours from the farm to Newark, but it took us 5 1/2! Ok, we did stop a lot, hit some traffic and got lost, but still! We had no time to go to New York City. Then Jared left his wallet in his parents truck, and they had to bring it back to us, so we got to hang out a lot at the Newark airport! Anyways, I got me and the kids New York City tee-shirts, eventhough we didn't quite make it there, I figured the New Jersey airport was close enough!


Ok, this is the first Blog........Hmmmm....Not sure what all to say. How about I saw a dinosaur today, and it ate my blog! Ok, that's a little far out, but I promise to try to come up with something more interesting later!