Monday, December 29, 2008

Top Ten Things Learned by The Rickett Family-2008

1. Chickens need a coop or at least a fenced in yard to survive the neighbors dogs.
2. Transformers are so dang awesome (according to Kirby)!
3. It only took Tammy three tries to come up with a spending plan in Quicken, and she almost has all the charts figured out. (Who knew that you had to list your paycheck as income instead of expense?)
4. Jared built a shed from scratch, without a recipe!
5. Murphy started piano lessons and played soccer again
6. Kirby played something that resemble tee-ball (Little League, what do ya expect!)
7. We learned how rainy Pennsylvania can be in August, but we still managed to have a fabulous time at the Rickett family farm house!
8. Tammy took a trip to Texas, (how’s that for alliteration!) to photograph Andrea & Rob’s wedding, and learned how great Texas is.
9. Jared learned how to bring batteries back from the dead (and only blew up a few in the process!), and the proper use of transistors.
10. We learned again how grateful we are for our wonderful family and friends!

Merry Christmas!
Jared, Tammy, Murphy
& Kirby Rickett
(This was our Christmas Card that we sent out!)

Friday, December 26, 2008

December Blurrrrrr

I made it through the Christmas season! This month has been a blur of work at MasterLab, photography, MasterLab, snow, cat issues, and MasterLab! I think I saw my family sometime during this last month.....Anyways, another Christmas down! Maybe tomorrow I'll have enough energy to take down the Christmas tree!
On Christmas eve, we went to my inlaws house, and had a crazy fun time. They had a video camera hooked up to the tv, so you could see yourself while it recorded. Kirby had a great time with this. Here's the video:

Yep, that kids got some moves! I thought it was so cute!