Friday, June 25, 2010

Official Swim Blog!

My friend and I signed our kids up for swimming lessons together, and on the last day I brought my camera to take some pictures. We were joking about blogging this, so here's the official swim blog, just for you Julee! (I got some great pictures of her kids too, but I thought it would be crossing a line if I started a blog using her kid's pictures!)
Here's Kirby squinting, or imitating a pirate, I'm not sure.... Ready to take on the pool!
While waiting for Kirby's class to do something interesting, I entertained myself by trying to photograph my other child. Murphy grabbed the closest thing to him to hide behind. (If he really wanted to hide, he should've grabbed the towel!)

After using my foot to knock the shoe away, I finally get a good shot of him!

Kirby goes off the diving board. He's got that look of intense concentration!

He did it! And absolutely loved it!
He passed his class and now gets to go onto the next level!

Come to think of it, I probably should've blogged Murphy's soccer, the Kindergarten program, the Clark Planetarium, Scout Camp, the list goes on and on!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Digital Dilemna

I found this picture last night as I was going through some reunion pictures from three years ago. I think it's the cutest picture of Kirby, and yet I don't remember seeing it before! This photo is sooo cute, and I don't have any prints of it! How could I have missed it in the first place? Could be that it's the 190th picture out of 234! I love digital camera's, you can take hundreds of pictures with them, and see them instantly, and not have to pay to process and develop each shot, but sometimes I think I might just go a little bit overboard! I mean really, how have I missed this shot since 2007? There were some other pictures from this reunion that I am just now getting ready to print....3 years later! The drawback of digital (or maybe the blessing!) is that you can have thousands of pictures on your computer, and nothing printed!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

12 Weeks Left!

I meant to post this yesterday....but 12 weeks left until school starts! Whatever will these two do until then? Love the look on Kirby's face! At least we put the swing set back together for them!
Buckwheat is enjoying the sandbox way tooooo much! Yes, I need to pull out the rest of the weeds, but with our yard, it's hard to know where to start...I keep reminding myself, it's a work in progress!