Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Get Crazy with the Cheese Whiz!

I had to use it! That's one of my favorite lines from a song, (yes April, I'm copying you!)

What a day it has been! I woke up at 8:53 am, I was supposed to be at my nieghbors house at 8:50 for the carpool, so I jumped out of bed, threw on some pants and ran out the door. The kids had to make a run for it to make it in time for school (sorry Dixie, and Steven too!). Last night I had to work late, and I've decided that the job "Digital Retouch Artist" sounds a lot cooler that it really is! I mean really, all you're doing is touching up zits and bags underneath the eyes! How exciting is that? Yep, I've been busy!
Also had to take the cat to the vet today. Last week I picked her up, and she peed on me! (all though that day was just an all around bad day for being peed on, the rats managed to get me too!) So, my cat has been diagnosed with a UTI. I thought it would be fun to try to get her to drink some cranberry juice, but that sounds like too much work, guess I'll just stick to the medicene!
Seems like there was more, but I'm tired now, so here's one more photo of the cats and then I'm off to bed!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Path!

We got the first part of our path done! It's about 3x6 and it took forever! I thought it would be cool to have a winding path going throughout our huge backyard, so I started digging. Wow, digging is hard work!
Then my wonderful hubby took over! (thank goodness, I was already bored with building it!) He put cement at the bottom, and then did the brick work, and all the other finishing touches so that it looks nice.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Time to write SOMETHING!

Wow, I'm so impressed by all you who actually write things here on a regular basis! I figured I should write some more, so here goes. Hmmmm, I was up at 4:00 am this morning trying to come up with something interesting.....well, my hubby used the "Neti pot" for his sinus's last night. Whoopi! (yep, I'm stretching for things to write here!) Oh, I know, how about a random picture! Yes, that is a litebright! Ok, now what? Gee, my life really isn't that interesting, yet I seem to be busy, almost overwhelmed! Moving on to the children....here's a random photo of Murphy: He's really liking school, but he keeps getting chased by the girls! I've decided that 1st grade girls are really aggresive! Maybe I'll have more to write after I get back from helping out in his class. Here's a black and white of Kirby. He likes school too! I got a few questions, how do you add a "friends and family" gadget? Also, what are all of you doing for dinner this week? I hate coming up with menus! Any ideals for leftover chicken?

Coming soon.....The blog you've all been waiting for! "All the places that I've been stuck!"