Monday, September 7, 2009

All in the name of Art!

The other night I was laying on the floor and somewhat bored, when I looked up and thought what an interesting angle everything is from the ground! So I grabbed my camera, and here's from the viewpoint of a worm! Warning: Tammy + bored + camera = bizare results!
Nose shot of the cat!
My kitty is a licker....
I tried to force Dazey to take a picture with me, she was less than thrilled! In fact she bolted as soon as I let her go. Yep, I meant to chop off the top of her head...well, what do you expect, the camera was on the ground on self timer.....we'll just pretend I meant to do that, it's artistic, yeah artistic, what a mysetery! What does the top look like??? hmmmm???

I had a short hysterical fit of laughter over this one! I don't know why! I think it must be the look on Jared's face, the"what are you doing now?" look.

Now Buckwheat is looking at me like I'm nuts!

Just remember, I did warn you that these would be bizare pictures!

Back to school!

I know it's a little late, but thought I'd join the back to school blog bandwagon!

Here is Murphy on the first day of 2nd grade! Doesn't he look excited? Ready to tackle multiplications and every one's favorite, "the 36's"!?!!!??
A week later Kirby got to start Kindergarten. Yep, he's got his cool Bumble Bee shirt and back pack, and shades to go with it!
Kirb and his BFF Isaac!
Last week my dad and step mom came to visit from California. We took the kids to the children's museum at the Gateway. The boys had fun building things, and it was great. Afterwords we decided to go play in the Gateway fountain. Kirby didn't hesitate, just ran right in and got soaked!Murphy wasn't too sure if he really wanted to get wet...

After Kirby was good and soaked, I thought it would be a good idea to at least take his shirt off...should've thought of that 5 minutes earlier!

Murphy getting cold!

Kirby dancing in the fountain! Gotta love it!