Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crazy Dreams!

The last two mornings I have woken up after having some strange and silly dreams! Yesterday I woke up from dreaming that I was watching a stand up comedian, and he was pretty funny. I was disappointed that I woke up and missed the 2nd part of the show. This morning my dreams were a combination of the Big Bang Theory and Scrubs! It's like my mind is tuned in to Comedy Central! Then I also dreamed this morning that it was Murphy's birthday, and I was trying to take a picture of him blowing out the candles on the cake, but my camera wouldn't work. I think it was this frustration that woke me up!

Just had to add a picture to the blog....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Murphy's first blog!

Yep, I'm starting him off early! Murphy is blogging by age 7! He took all of the following pictures and did most of the retouching in Photoshop (I helped a little!) and he came up with the captions (I just typed it out for him!). So enjoy!
We got this disco ball for dad on his birthday. And I like the colors.

This is my favorite fish. And we got it from the pet store
This is my 2nd favorite fish. And we got him for the pet store also.
We were hunting for grasshoppers, but instead of hunting them we caught them and too pictures of these two grasshoppers and then I let them go, but not by our house, because they'll eat all of our vegetables.I found this grasshopper and it was huge. I pretended that I was going to eat it. And I decided to make me rainbow!I found this orange grasshopper and I thought it was a cricket. And I didn't really find the orange grasshopper, it was KirbyI took another picture of this big one, and I decided the background should be polkadotted.
I saw a pretty sunset and I decided to take a picture of it because it was cool.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Another new friend

We had a bird try to take up residence in our garage. It would've been fun to have a garage bird, but then we really thought about it, and decided we didn't want poop all over, (although our garage is so messy we'd probably never notice...) and also by this afternoon, he looked thirsty. So Jared gently removed him to the back yard.