Sunday, June 28, 2009

Me and My CAT!!!!

I have a gazillion picutures of my cat, Buckwheat! I happen to think he's very photogenic! So, I'm sharing some of the funnier pictures of him that I have taken. (Yes, I fully admit to being a crazy cat lover!)

We call this one his dead cochroach pose!

Some of the places we have found him sleeping....

Sticking his tounge out for the camera. (I think he learned this one from my boys!)

Sunning himself

Soaking up some more sun with Dazey
Opening up his own Facebook account...

Here is a picture of Dazey trying to smile....I know, scary! She's evil!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

For the Grandparents!

Here is a copy of Murphy's piaon recital that was this last weekend, and also some scenes from Kirby's preschool graduation. I title this "for the grandparents" cuz, they're probably the only ones that will sit here and listen to the piano recital stuff! But if any of you others want a good laugh, check out Kirby's freeze dance! Enjoy!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's on Sale!

I remember years ago going to the French Lady and the Blue Boutique, and thinking that being a pervert is so expensive! Well Ladies and Gentlemen, that's no longer the case! Yesterday morning I was going through the store ads when I came across the Healthy Living Section at Harmons. I was laughing so hard, I decided to post a blog about it! (yes, my sense of humor hasn't progressed much since the 7th grade!)

Yes! Not only is pervy-ness cheaper, it's now healthy for you too!