Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Art Work

Here's some Christmas art work done by Kirby at school. It's a Vampire Angel. This cracks me up!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

And he wonders why I won't let him in...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Crazy Hair Day

Here's Kirby's crazy hair for school!
We found some glow in the dark hairspray, so we had to try it. Gotta love black lights and glow in the dark stuff!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Murphy got to go hiking with his dad up to Timpanogos a couple of weekends ago. He had lots of fun, and made it about half way up! We figure he did 10 miles round trip. Here's Murphy and his cousin Alexis
Jared takes some scenic shots

Here's the berry that Murphy squished on the way up, and low and behold, it was still there on the way back down!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Harvest

We have an apple tree in our backyard. Here's the bounteous harvest we got from it! Actually, we're pretty excited, this is the first year it had apples! There were two! One fell on the ground and the worms got to it first. But we got this one, and it was delicious!


For the last year or so we have driven by this car lot on our way to my in laws house, and they have had "Bumble Bee"! Well, last night, as I drove past to pick up Kirby from "the Parents,"I realized that I had my nice camera with me, and Kirby was wearing a Bumble Bee shirt and had a Bumble Bee jacket on. It was perfect! Time to take Kirby to meet Bumble Bee and take some pictures!
The car salesman was really nice, and said we could take some pictures.
I refrained myself from getting too crazy! After all, these people were really nice to let me take some pictures there, I didn't want to abuse the privilege, so I didn't do any pictures of Kirby laying across the hood!

The salesman even let us inside the car! Ahhhh! That new car smell!!!!

It was fun! I think I had as much fun if not more meeting "Bumble Bee!"

All I want for Christmas...

OK! I just found out how to make my pictures bigger on here! Duh!!!!

Back to School!

The first day of school! Look how excited Murphy looks!
Kirby and his friend Isaac actually co-ordinated to wear their Lego shirts on the first day of school.

Why is it that Murphy's friends can all look normal in a picture, yet he's pulling faces still? Grrrr!

Random Images of Summer Part 2

Kirby started reading chapter books this summer, and he enjoyed the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. This has become a common sight in our house, Kirby curled up in the chair reading a book.Our cat needs to go on weight watchers! What a chub!
Here's Murphy with a mutant carrot out of our garden! It's not only red, it's got multiple legs!

Jared has worked hard to de-clutter the garage. At one point we could actually park both cars in the garage! That lasted only three days, but hey gotta count your gains, not your loses!
Kirby and his BFF Isaac at a scout pack meeting.

Water balloons at pack meeting!


We made it to Lagoon this last summer too! (Look at me go, it's a bloggin' marathon!) Jared and the kids had the most fun at Lagoon-a-beach. They all loved the water slides and would've stayed there all day if I had not insisted that we go and do some of the rides too.
Here's me playing with the camera waiting for the boys to come down the big water slide.

They loved playing in the fountain.

Here's some mating dragonflies! Gotta love having a camera when it comes to moments like this!

The boys liked the rides. We convinced them to go on "Wicked". We get in the seats for the ride, and Kirby has this big ol' smile on his face, happy to be there. Murphy looked a little worried, so Jared told both of the boys that if they were scared, they could close their eyes while on the ride. So Kirby shuts his eyes tight. The ride starts, I scream all the way up and down the loop thingy. What a rush! about 10 seconds later the ride is over, and I look over at poor Kirby who just looks miserable! The poor kid had followed Jared's advice by closing his eyes, and by doing so got motion sickness. Luckily he didn't barf! After that we just went on the more gentle rides!

The standard Lagoon picture, gotta get it!

Random Images of Summer

Kirby in a basket hut

Our white trash "cold" tub

Gorgeous sunsets!

The Taller than Kid's marble run

The last fish. For some reason it refuse's to die!

The Zoo!

It's only 3 months later, but I thought I'd try to write about what we did this summer. Apparently we went to the zoo! I vaguely remember this! The summer went by way toooooo fast. Here's a few pictures:
Here's almost all the cousin's on the Rickett side. The oldest is a teenager and too cool to go to the zoo! Actually, I think he might've been camping.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Glenna Bott

My grandma passed away on July 18th, four days after Jared's grandpa died.
Here are some of my memories of her.
I remember when I was about 4 years old, and grandma came to stay with us. My mom had the idea of playing a little trick on her. When we left work the next morning, we got a balloon and tied it to a chair, we then put a hat on the balloon, and a jacket on the back of the chair. We made our own "man"! Well, after we left, grandma got up, and walked into the kitchen, and screamed, thinking there was a man sitting at the table! I don't know why my mom wanted to scare poor grandma, but we all had a good laugh about it later!

I also remember about this same time, I managed to get my head stuck in a railing. I was terrified that I would spend the rest of my life stuck there! I knew my mom would bring me food, but what would happen when I needed to use the bathroom? What if it rains? Would friends still come and play with me? Really, how much fun can a person be stuck in a railing? I was in a panic! Grandma told my mom to slick my head with butter, and yep it popped right out! So I guess you can say that I owe grandma for having a life that included me being able to leave the front porch!

Then came the mid 1980's. I remember her visiting us again, and this time she had something that was all the rage back then: clip on sunglasses! All the cool kids, (and grandmas) had these. They were sunglasses that clipped onto your normal glasses. I remember her telling me how she was at the grocery store, and everyone kept looking at her, and she couldn't figure out why. She got into her car, looked in her rear view mirror, and busted out laughing. She had flipped up her clip on sunglasses, and they looked ridiculous! They looked like some metal butterfly had landed sideways on her eyes!
I wasn't here for this one, but legend has it that one time grandma had just gotten done grocery shopping. She came to a stoplight, and for some reason, thought she was already home. So she got out of her car and started to unload her groceries! I've told my husband that if I ever do that, he has permission to put me in a home, cuz that means I'm done!

Grandma always seemed to be laughing. You could never be sad around her. I hope to be able to follow her example and to always remember to laugh. Life is too short to be taken seriously!