Thursday, July 29, 2010

Glenna Bott

My grandma passed away on July 18th, four days after Jared's grandpa died.
Here are some of my memories of her.
I remember when I was about 4 years old, and grandma came to stay with us. My mom had the idea of playing a little trick on her. When we left work the next morning, we got a balloon and tied it to a chair, we then put a hat on the balloon, and a jacket on the back of the chair. We made our own "man"! Well, after we left, grandma got up, and walked into the kitchen, and screamed, thinking there was a man sitting at the table! I don't know why my mom wanted to scare poor grandma, but we all had a good laugh about it later!

I also remember about this same time, I managed to get my head stuck in a railing. I was terrified that I would spend the rest of my life stuck there! I knew my mom would bring me food, but what would happen when I needed to use the bathroom? What if it rains? Would friends still come and play with me? Really, how much fun can a person be stuck in a railing? I was in a panic! Grandma told my mom to slick my head with butter, and yep it popped right out! So I guess you can say that I owe grandma for having a life that included me being able to leave the front porch!

Then came the mid 1980's. I remember her visiting us again, and this time she had something that was all the rage back then: clip on sunglasses! All the cool kids, (and grandmas) had these. They were sunglasses that clipped onto your normal glasses. I remember her telling me how she was at the grocery store, and everyone kept looking at her, and she couldn't figure out why. She got into her car, looked in her rear view mirror, and busted out laughing. She had flipped up her clip on sunglasses, and they looked ridiculous! They looked like some metal butterfly had landed sideways on her eyes!
I wasn't here for this one, but legend has it that one time grandma had just gotten done grocery shopping. She came to a stoplight, and for some reason, thought she was already home. So she got out of her car and started to unload her groceries! I've told my husband that if I ever do that, he has permission to put me in a home, cuz that means I'm done!

Grandma always seemed to be laughing. You could never be sad around her. I hope to be able to follow her example and to always remember to laugh. Life is too short to be taken seriously!


Hendricksonblog said...

I can see where you guys get your sense of humor now. It is funny how that passes on in genes. My grandpa had little notecards that he would write everyones names and birthdays on because he had so many damn kids he couldn't keep track.
I am sad I cannot click on the pics to make them bigger though.

Dottie said...

She sounds wonderful.