Sunday, October 10, 2010


For the last year or so we have driven by this car lot on our way to my in laws house, and they have had "Bumble Bee"! Well, last night, as I drove past to pick up Kirby from "the Parents,"I realized that I had my nice camera with me, and Kirby was wearing a Bumble Bee shirt and had a Bumble Bee jacket on. It was perfect! Time to take Kirby to meet Bumble Bee and take some pictures!
The car salesman was really nice, and said we could take some pictures.
I refrained myself from getting too crazy! After all, these people were really nice to let me take some pictures there, I didn't want to abuse the privilege, so I didn't do any pictures of Kirby laying across the hood!

The salesman even let us inside the car! Ahhhh! That new car smell!!!!

It was fun! I think I had as much fun if not more meeting "Bumble Bee!"


Colleen said...

I'm tellin' ya, get that kid an agent! Oh, yeah, buy stock first!

Hernandez Family said...

My friends husband actually owns a "Bumble bee". He rearly drives it and babies it. Dudes and there toys?

Hernandez Family said...

I meant their toys not there toys.