Sunday, October 10, 2010


We made it to Lagoon this last summer too! (Look at me go, it's a bloggin' marathon!) Jared and the kids had the most fun at Lagoon-a-beach. They all loved the water slides and would've stayed there all day if I had not insisted that we go and do some of the rides too.
Here's me playing with the camera waiting for the boys to come down the big water slide.

They loved playing in the fountain.

Here's some mating dragonflies! Gotta love having a camera when it comes to moments like this!

The boys liked the rides. We convinced them to go on "Wicked". We get in the seats for the ride, and Kirby has this big ol' smile on his face, happy to be there. Murphy looked a little worried, so Jared told both of the boys that if they were scared, they could close their eyes while on the ride. So Kirby shuts his eyes tight. The ride starts, I scream all the way up and down the loop thingy. What a rush! about 10 seconds later the ride is over, and I look over at poor Kirby who just looks miserable! The poor kid had followed Jared's advice by closing his eyes, and by doing so got motion sickness. Luckily he didn't barf! After that we just went on the more gentle rides!

The standard Lagoon picture, gotta get it!

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Kellie said...

Looks like fun! The picture of the mating dragonflies turned out GREAT!