Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Digital Dilemna

I found this picture last night as I was going through some reunion pictures from three years ago. I think it's the cutest picture of Kirby, and yet I don't remember seeing it before! This photo is sooo cute, and I don't have any prints of it! How could I have missed it in the first place? Could be that it's the 190th picture out of 234! I love digital camera's, you can take hundreds of pictures with them, and see them instantly, and not have to pay to process and develop each shot, but sometimes I think I might just go a little bit overboard! I mean really, how have I missed this shot since 2007? There were some other pictures from this reunion that I am just now getting ready to print....3 years later! The drawback of digital (or maybe the blessing!) is that you can have thousands of pictures on your computer, and nothing printed!


Hernandez Family said...

That truely is a dilema!

The Royals said...

I have a 4GB and an 8 GB full of pictures and I only have a handful printed out of those! I need to get them printed.

Hendricksonblog said...

you probably saw it but that is what he looked like at the time so you didn't realize how cute he was.