Monday, December 29, 2008

Top Ten Things Learned by The Rickett Family-2008

1. Chickens need a coop or at least a fenced in yard to survive the neighbors dogs.
2. Transformers are so dang awesome (according to Kirby)!
3. It only took Tammy three tries to come up with a spending plan in Quicken, and she almost has all the charts figured out. (Who knew that you had to list your paycheck as income instead of expense?)
4. Jared built a shed from scratch, without a recipe!
5. Murphy started piano lessons and played soccer again
6. Kirby played something that resemble tee-ball (Little League, what do ya expect!)
7. We learned how rainy Pennsylvania can be in August, but we still managed to have a fabulous time at the Rickett family farm house!
8. Tammy took a trip to Texas, (how’s that for alliteration!) to photograph Andrea & Rob’s wedding, and learned how great Texas is.
9. Jared learned how to bring batteries back from the dead (and only blew up a few in the process!), and the proper use of transistors.
10. We learned again how grateful we are for our wonderful family and friends!

Merry Christmas!
Jared, Tammy, Murphy
& Kirby Rickett
(This was our Christmas Card that we sent out!)

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