Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentines Day Ideas

I was trying to be helpful and come up with some creative Valentine ideas for Murphy, but for some reason he rejected all of them. I thought they were great. Here they are:
1. We could pass out Band-Aids! The card would say, “Here’s for your broken heart”.
2. Beans! Not jelly beans; I was thinking some kind of pinto or garbanzo beans. The card would say “I don’t give a hill of beans about you!”
3. Dryer lint! Don’t really have a card idea for this one, but hey, it’s free!

Murphy said he’d just like to pass out some heart candy with cards and call it good. So that’s the plan.


Hernandez Family said...

I like the bandaid idea the best!

Dottie said...

Those are AWESOME ideas. I'm going to see if Bella will go for one of them!

Hendricksonblog said...

I like your ideas much better than his. Is there a bah humbug for valentines day?

Jean said...

Go to fammilyfun.com, they have some really good ideas