Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Trendy Portrait Look

I've been testing out camera's lately, and I got a few decent shots, so I decided to play around with them in Photoshop and do the "Trendy" portrait look. So here's the Family gone Trendy!
Dang! This kid is so photogenic! He just stands there and looks cute.

Ok, even though he's glaring at me for taking his picture (again!) I still like it!
Even our cat is photogenic! And yep, he knows it!

I think both of my children are adorable, BUT this poor child has inherited his mother's inability to look normal in front of a camera! Ask my own mother, and she will tell you that most pictures of me I am sticking my tongue out or doing something weird!

When I saw this picture of myself, I thought, "wow, when did my head become so egg shaped?" Seriously! I have an egghead! And the cat looks a little psychotic too, but hey I figured if I'm posting pictures of the whole fam, it's only fair to include myself with the high hilarity!


Hernandez Family said...

I actually like that picture of you! I was drawn to your eyes. And I am sorry but your head looks nothing like a egg. I actually knew a girl whose head looked like a triangle. We callled her triangle head.

The Royals said...

I like that picture of you! You do not have an egg head. We are always critical of ourselves, though.

Hendricksonblog said...

I think your head looks exactly like an egg and that is exactly what I think every time I talk to you.....actually I think you have a thin face and I have never really seen a thin egg. I like that pic of you too but the cat does look freaky. I hadnt realized until you put that, he always does make funny faces at the camera. I always do dirty looks so yours is better.

Lisa said...

I found your blog highly entertaining!!! And by the way I LOVED your post of things upside down. I actually do that. When I lay down on the floor I imagine how it would be to live on the ceiling. That is weird, but the angels are cool. I thought that was a good pic of you!! Fun blog.

TammaRamma said...

thank you all for your comments! And yes, the cat is freaky looking because she is insane! And I'll try not to think of eggs when I see this picture....perhaps it was an egg from a skinny chicken that lays skinny eggs! Ha ha ha!