Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time to catch up!

This year is already flying by and so I thought I'd catch up on writing some blogs!Jared bought a Nissan Altima with a seized engine for cheap, and here it is! Jared is just getting ready to take the old engine out. Gotta love a winch on a swing set! (or is that wench? ha ha). The engine is now sitting on the floor of our garage.

Yep, I just checked. The cat's not out of the bag! She's still in there! (forgive my cheesy humor, but it's late and this is the 3rd blog I've written tonight! My brain is gone!)

Even at 6 he's still so cute when he's asleep!

Coming soon.....Hair cut pictures! Be afraid, be very afraid!


Hernandez Family said...

Your husband reminds me of my dad. A swing set is totally something my dad would do.

Dottie said...

They are ALWAYS cute when sleeping!