Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kirby's Baptism

It's a start of a new year, so I thought I'd try to get back on the bloggin' wagon! Here's some pictures from Kirby's baptism. As usual, I was running around the house before the baptism, trying to get everything done. Of course we were late, and my external flash doesn't like my camera, so I was having flash issues too. I was way stressed out! But, we made it, it was a nice service, and I eventually calmed down enough to realize what was really important about this day. It turned out great. Even though the little booger made me get up to bare my testimony in front of everyone! (I hate public speaking!). Kirby was extra lucky and got dunked twice! His toe came up the first time. =]
Here's Papa Dave, who did the confirmation, Jared, (the dad!) and Uncle Matt who did the baptism, and of course, Kirbus Swirbus!

Here is the cousin picture. Of course SOMEBODY has to look like a crazy! (I wonder where he gets that from?) I know my mom is laughing at this picture, cuz karma is definitely getting me back for every time I stuck my tongue out in her pictures!

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