Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Life with a newborn

This sweet little thing was up a dozen times between 3:00am and 6:00am this morning. She had enough to eat, had a clean diaper, she just wanted me to hold her. Finally convinced her to go back to sleep around 6:00. After we took the boys to school, I was so tired, and she was too, so I laid her down next to me in our bed, she looked around, smiled and then FINALLY went to sleep! We took a 2 1/2 hour nap. Although I have to say, she is a loud little sleeper, there is a reason one of her nick name is "Sputter and Snort". I sort of slept. I really hope she sleeps tonight. I'm hate feeling like a zombie!
This is her favorite way to sleep, in somebodies arms! She sure is sweet, but hard to get anything done!

Here she is hanging out with her big brothers!

Murphy and "the girls!"


Kellie said...

Hope she slept better last night!

Jenn said...

No fun when they don't want to sleep when we do? But she'll figure it out, hopefully sooner. I like when they're little and can hold them all the time, it don't last forever, darn it! ;)

Hernandez Family said...

She gets more beautiful everyday! All my babies slept better in someones arms too!

Hendricksonblog said...

I would offer to hold her so you can get some sleep but then we would both just be tired! Enjoy being a zombie while it lasts. She's worth it.

TammaRamma said...

She usually goes right back to sleep after I feed her, just for some reason that night, she wanted to play! Little Stinker! Now if I could just get her to nap during the day for longer than 5 minutes...=]