Sunday, October 13, 2013

Goblin Valley

We went to Goblin Valley a couple of weeks ago, it's one of our favorite places to visit! We let this cute little Tigger out to bounce around, after all it's her favorite thing to do!
 The first day we went we hiked Ding and Dang.  It was beautiful, and Kirby only fell once, although it was a really good fall, off of a rock, but luckily he was fine.

 Jared hanging from a rock, yep, gotta love it!
 Here's Jared climbing up a very steep rock wall.....
 Here is Murphy's reaction to watching his dad climb up the very steep wall!  Hilarious!  And no, this was not a posed picture, Murphy was really giving him THAT look!  He's ready to be a teenager...
 After Ding and Dang!

 Meanwhile, we left Sylvie home with the grandparents, those poor people! She was so naughty, I owe them chocolate!  She refused to take a nap, would scream at grandma every time she got close to her with.  She finally wore herself out enough that she feel asleep by their trailer door!
 The next day we did Little Wild Horse.  We took Sylvie with us this time!
 She loves rocks!  She was happy and content to just walk around picking up rocks.
 Here's dad teaching her how to scale rock walls!
 I love the slot canyons!

 The 3 omigoes!  Murphy, my niece Alexis and Kirby.  
 I love this shot of Kirby
 Here we are at Valley of the Goblins.  

 Look!  They're sitting the same way!

 Murphy takes a leap of faith!
 And Makes it!
 Kirby wisely chooses not to jump!
 Jared leaps
 And misses! 
Actually he made it a couple of times, but I had to include the shot of him giving the rock some "love"!
Also, Murphy took these last two shots of his dad.  He's becoming quite the photographer!


RRWhicker said...

Glad you're blogging again! I've missed it. The "leap of faith" (which woulda freaked me out as a mom!!) and "choosing wisely" totally reminded me of the end of Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail. haha

Karen King said...

Wow! That leap of faith would have freaked me out! It looks so wide.