Sunday, November 30, 2008

November in a Nutshell

It has been a crazy week and half! I went on a much needed mad cleaning spree of our house. You know you've been doing too much laundry when you start to find little urchins in your dryer!

I also decided to cook my very first turkey this year. We were only having a small group of relatives over, so I figured if I gave them salmonella, it wouldn't be that big of a deal! I was grossed out by the turkey innards, and just about got frost bite trying to remove stuff. Here's a picture...
I was going for the Mr. Bean look, but didn't quite make it! Thanks to Dottie's speacil recipe, the turkey turned out alright, and people actually ate it and said it was good! So far, no illnesses reported...
So I finally had a chance to relax today. I was quietly reading my book, when Kirby asked if he could take some pictures with the digital camera. I said sure, whatever it takes for me to be able to read in peace! I also thought, hmmm. what a great way to get him interested in art and photography, maybe someday he'll follow in my footsteps. I was so proud watching him, he took 112 pictures! Here's a few of them:

Then Murphy thought it would be fun to get in on the action. Well, one boy with a camera is ok, (in fact, I've let Murphy do this before) but two boys with a camera can become a problem!

See what I have to deal with???? Boys and their obsession with toilets and poo

I was appalled to see this last one. Unfortunately, I was laughing too hard to get the point across of how inappropriate this picture is, the lesson was lost on them! Jared was laughing so hard too, that he was no help either!
Here's hoping December is a little less crazy! (Yay right, it's the Christmas season!)


Dottie said...

With three brothers, I've seen many-o-bum in my life. You may as well get used to it. Boys can just be gross. I'm glad you dinner turned out well. Turkey dinner isn't really as hard as people make it out to be. I hope everyone is feeling better!

Hernandez Family said...

I have also let Aleecia take some pictures of her own. Some of those first pictures looked a lot like her pitures but, the last pictures are diffentally boy pictures. I am still laughing!