Friday, November 7, 2008

Lucky 7!

Murphy turned 7 years old a couple days ago! I would love to come up with something funny to write about, but my brain is fried and I have two boys behind me bouncing a basketball in the living room! So here's some photos....I spent a small fortune on cupcakes for the whole class

Murphy got two more Lego sets...That brings us up to about 1 billion Legos!

Here's my pyscho cat Dazey about 2 seconds before she tried to bite my mom.

2 Days later, we've built the Lego car!

Close up of the cool Lego car...he also got a Lego airplane.

We couldn't find the birthday candles, I think somebody must have broke into our house and stolen them all! Along with several spoons and the scissors! So, we had to improvise. It only took him 10 tries to blow them out!


Noslo Family said...

I just love the birthday candles. Someone always breaks in to my house and takes the scissors and tape!! Happy Birthday Murphy!!

Dottie said...

Those are some pretty fancy schmancy candles. At my house, according to my children, the little Green Leprechaun steals everything. Happy Birthday Murphy boy!

Jean said...

You're pretty creative, I would have just said "no candles this year!"