Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Wild Farm Adventure!

Kirby and I got to go to Wheeler Farm for a field trip. Here is our photographic journey. I did my best to limit how many photos I put on here!

Kirby makes a friend. Do ya think he'll get swine flu after this?

Look! A real live chicken! So this is what a proper chicken coop looks like!

Beef. It's what's for dinner!

I have a collection of outhouse pictures. My grandma got me started on it!

Kirby and his friend after we told him what those funny seats were for!

Yep, you can tell I've worked at too many photo studios!

A rare picture that I'm actually in! Kirby looks out of it!

Getting on the busI'm not sure what Kirby was doing, but here he is on the bus on the way home!


Hendricksonblog said...

Do you know that thing about chubsy and the motorcycle and how he tells his dad "fasta daddy fasta".
Well if you do or you dont, that is what Kirby is my mind at least

Kellie said...

Looks like you had fun on the farm.

TammaRamma said...

Yep, we had fun on the farm! And yes, we know the "chubby" stories. That's what we call them!

Dottie said...

how fun! I love all the faces Kirby makes!