Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Break Adventure

We went mountain biking down at Gooseberry Mesa for spring break. Glad we went south, this is what our backyard looked like when we left!We stayed in a motel in St. George, we were on the second floor. Here's a picture of the kids using jumper cables to lower down stuff so we could repack it in the van. Yep, Jared showed them how to do this, guess he was feeling lazy and didn't want to walk ALL the way to the stairs!Gooseberry Mesa is about 15 miles or so out of Hurricane. There's a fun dirt road to bike on, and also lots of trails with rocks and other crazy stuff for the more advanced mountain biker. We took the kids on "Slick Rock 101" an intermediate trail, not sure if this means we're adventurous parents or completely nuts! Murphy loved it! Kirby only fell 2 or 3 times, but he still had fun. Kirby's favorite part was the Gatorade! He drank 3 bottles of it, and peed 4 times!I think we might've worn him out! I don't have too many pictures of Murphy. Once we got back on the dirt road, him and his cousin Alexis were off and going. They had to keep waiting for Kirby and me (I had to stay by him!). I mainly stayed with the kids on road, while everyone else did the more advanced crazy stuff.
This is the last picture I got of the three kids before tragedy struck.

My poor niece fell in a cactus. It was horrible! It was one of those ones with the tiny furry spines that get all over. She had them in her hands, down her legs, her butt, and I'm not sure how, but even in her toes! Poor girl. We sent Murphy down the trail to get her parents.

It was a quick trip, and a long drive, but lots of fun. On the way home Jared tried to do his homework in the car, the kids watched movies, and I jammed out to music! Nothing like singing and car dancing!

We also realized on this trip that our front tires on the van are bald! It seems like we just bought those stupid tires! Ok, so it's been two years, but really, should the front tires be that way already? The back tires are just fine, and I bought them at the same time! I know....I could've rotated the tires, but really it seems like I just bought them!

Ahhh...back to school tomorrow!


Kellie said...

Glad you guys had fun and got to enjoy some warm weather. Too bad you had to come back to such cold weather!

Hendricksonblog said...

dirt...snow....dirt....snow..... i think ill take the snow. I always like camping and stuff but when the dust starts flying I realize I hate that part. Looks like tons of fun and I love the lowering of the bags over the railing.....genius!!!

Rachel said...

Glad you guys had a fun spring break! The jumper cable idea was the BEST!! That's the kind of stuff our kids will remember one day. :)

Dottie said...

I HATE it when those cactus' reach out and bite your butt! It's awful, but glad you had fun otherwise. (That jumper cable thing is a good idea.)