Friday, May 7, 2010

Harold the Lego Guy goes for a Ride!

This picture has nothing to do with the subject of this blog. I just wanted to pick some random picture to put in here!
Here's the next Harold the Lego Guy story. I have to admit that making up this story was the most fun I had all day!

One night Harold the Lego Guy was bored. So after Kirby went to sleep, he crept out of his Lego pit to go look around. As he was creeping through the darkness, he heard the noise of a party going in full swing, it was the Transformers! So he went over there to join them. The Transformers welcomed Harold, gave him a coke and some cookies. Harold really hit it off with Bumble Bee. They decided to go and have an extended adventure! Bumble Bee transformed into a car, and Harold climb in for the ride of his life! They went cruising down the hall and into the living room. There they saw the large form of Buckwheat, the sleeping cat. "Lets wake him up!" Bumble Bee shouted! So Bumble Bee flashed his lights at Buckwheat and then ran over his tail! This had the desired effect of waking up the cat, who then began to chase Bumble Bee and Harold. Buckwheat chased them around and around the living room and kitchen. After the third circle, Harold didn't feel so good, he told Bumble Bee to pull over. Harold spewed all over the kitchen floor! Even Buckwheat was disgusted, (or maybe he was just tired of chasing them! He is out of shape!) Buckwheat returned to his spot on the couch to finish his nap, and Bumble Bee and Harold decided they had had enough of an adventure, and went back to Kirby's room...just in time for Kirby to wake up in the morning! Later on that could be overheard saying, "why is it our kitchen floor is always such a mess! There's always dried up spots all over it!"

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Dottie said...

very cute and creative (and a good way to explain the mysterious dirty spots!)