Saturday, October 18, 2008

World's Worst Aunt!!!

Ok, so it’s not bad enough that I’ve warped my own children, I have moved on to scaring other children! Yep, I will now have to add more money into the “therapy jar” for my poor niece, whom I gave a heart attack to tonight. I was walking into Wal-Mart (I know, what a sick and wrong way to spend a Saturday night, and yes I had the boys with me, see how warped their childhood is? Wal-Mart on a Saturday?!?) when I saw my niece and sister in law. For some strange reason I thought it would be fun to play on trick on the sweet little 6 year old girl, so I ran up behind her and grabbed her and started to walk away with her! Yah, she didn’t think it was very funny either….I did apologize repeatedly for freaking her out. Luckily her mother was able to make it into a learning experience, “what to do it somebody REALLY tries to kidnap you”. I owe her at least 4 or 5 therapy sessions….

On a brighter note, I found another self help book! Reading self help books is one of my hobbies. I now have a family motto with a “rallying cry” and a new “savings plan”. If I ever get to the point where I can control my impulses (or at least think jokes through first!) I’ll write a self help book on it, and the title will be “Putting the Reigns Back on Bozo: How to Tell What Jokes Really Are Funny!

Because I’m a photographer, and this is a blog, here is another random picture:
Murphy took this one, it's a marble run that he built. I couldn't resist, here's my brother in law's cat checking out our rat:

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Dottie said...

First of all...Taking the boys to Wal-mart on Saturday night isn't so bad, it could have been the Fabric Store, or Craft Store. (Kirk calls those the boring stores) Second ... it's ok, I'm sure she won't be scarred for life, just a few years. At least her mom was smart enough to turn it into a teaching moment. On the other hand, you lucky she didn't bite you and start screaming that she's being kidnapped! You're still the quirky fun aunt.